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Abenteuer Afrika’s Recycling Revolution!

Recycling is not yesterday’s news… Employment is tomorrow’s dues.

Abenteuer recently launched several recycling projects, transforming old newspapers, junk mail, shredded documents and plastic grocery bags into fireplace bricks and carrier bags. In addition to benefitting the envi­ronment, the initiative has created employment opportunities. Minette Areses, formerly un-employed, now works full time at Abenteuer manag­ing our Recycling Revolution!

Using a compression device, Minette recycles waste paper into energy-saving, non-toxic paper bricks which burn easily, leave a minimum of ash and eliminate the need for chemical firelighters.                                                                

The unique, environmentally-friendly carrier bags are crafted from old newspapers which constitute the body of the bag; the handles are made from carefully plaited plastic grocery bags. Thanks Minette!

White gold

Minette recycles waste paper...

Bushmen hunting with bow and arrow

into unique, environmentally-friendly carrier bags

The Abenteuer Afrika Safari team at Abadi

The body of the bag is crafted from old newspapers...

The Abenteuer Afrika Safari team at Abadi

and the handles are made from carefully plaited plastic grocery bags

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