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Budget Car Hire Namibia Terms & Conditions

Rates Include:

Rates include STLW, SCDW
Tyre and windscreen waiver
Airport surcharge, stamp duty, VAT @ 15%
Unlimited Mileage
Budget Assist
Third Party Liability

Rates Exclude:

Rental Deposit
Contract Fee
E-Toll fee whilst traveling in South Africa
Additional Driver fee
Young Driver Surcharge
Baby/Child seat
Claim Administration Fee
Assessor’s fee
Traffic Fine Administration Fee
Overdue Rental Administration Fee
One-way fees
One-way Cross Border fees
After office hours Delivery/Collection fees
Delivery/Collection fees per km in excess of 25km location
Water, Sand and Undercarriage Damage
Towing Charges (if not mechanical)
Cancellation/No show fees

Rental Agreement:

All vehicles are hired subject to the terms of conditions set out in the Budget Rent a Car standard Rental Agreement, copies of which are available at all rental branches and on the internet under terms and conditions of rental, and the international checklist, which is signed for by the renter when collecting the vehicle.  The rate code must be stipulated at the time of reservation and denoted on the voucher. Budget’s payment terms are strictly thirty days from date of statement. The terms of the rental agreement are binding.

Prepaid Travel Voucher
Credit Card To Cover Additional Services /Liability
Home Address And Telephone Number
Passport, Drivers License and International flight ticket
Local Contact Details

Deposits Taken At The Start Of The Rental
A rental deposit is taken at the start of the rental to cover any additional charges incurred during the rental. As per the rental terms and conditions of Budget Rent A Car NO CASH DEPOSITS will be taken. The renter needs to produce a recognized bank credit card. No debit cards are accepted.

Contract / Service Fee
A rental contract fee is applicable to all rentals and is payable at the start of the rental. The fee is for the cost of administering, storing and retrieving all rental contracts and information.


As our fleet is constantly being updated to meet the changing needs of our customers, vehicle groups, and not vehicle models can be confirmed at time of reservation.
Please note that Groups H, P and Z is only available at OR Tambo and Cape Town International Airports
The one way fees for Groups, L, 5K, H, P and Z differs from normal one way fees and can only be confirmed upon quotation


Each Budget vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel.  Fuel is charged from the branch where the vehicle is delivered from and is for the renter’s own account. In general fuel may not be purchased with a credit card at petrol stations. There are some exceptions where a few petrol stations will accept a credit card for payment of fuel. Each vehicle is refuelled by Budget on termination of the vehicle at the standard government legislation fuel tariff regardless whether the fuel gage indicates that the vehicle is full, as vehicles that are refuelled at independent stations are not guaranteed to be filled to capacity.


Drivers Licenses
For security reasons, renters need to produce a valid form of identification and a valid unendorsed driver’s licence at time of rental.
International visitors are required to produce their passports when collecting their vehicle. Foreign Driving licences are acceptable provided the language used (printed thereon) is English and there is a photograph present. Should a licence be in any other language, other than English, we require an International Driving Licence to be produced at commencement of the rental or an official translation by a consulate / embassy.).

Additional Driver
All drivers must be listed on the rental agreement to ensure valid liability waiver cover at all times.  A charge per additional driver per rental applies.

Young Driver Surcharge
The minimum age for drivers and authorised additional drivers is 21 years. In the event of the driver being between 18 and 20 years a young driver surcharge per day will apply.


The daily rates are calculated strictly on 24-hour cycles which starts from time of pick up. Budget allows a grace period of fifty nine minutes. Should the renter choose to extend his/her rental beyond the original return date Budget must be informed. Failure to inform Budget may result in Budget reporting the vehicle as stolen and all waiver cover is negated. Should the renter extend his/her rental, and an extension voucher is not produced from the operator then Budget will bill the renter for additional days at the extension rates.

Overdue Rental Administration Fee
Should the rental vehicle not be returned by the agreed date and no prior arrangements have been made to extend the rental, the vehicle will be collected by Budget and an Overdue Rental Administration Fee will be charged.

When the vehicle is returned earlier than stipulated on the voucher

The voucher is valid only for the dates and value specified. Budget is unable to refund any unused days (in the case of vehicle being returned early) once the rental has commenced. Budget reserves the right to apply an administration charge in this event.


Cancellation fee
If the reservation is cancelled 24hours prior to pick up time, a cancellation fee of 1 day rental charge, based on the daily rental charge of the vehicle reserved will apply. These charges will be levied to the tour operator.

If the reservation is cancelled less than 24hours to pick up time, a cancellation fee of 2 days rental charge, based on the daily rental charge of the vehicle reserved will apply. These charges will be levied to the tour operator.

Cancellation policy - Block Bookings, 3 or more vehicles

Different no show and cancellation fees apply to block bookings.   

45 – 31 days prior to arrival                    15 % cancellation fees
30 – 22 days prior to arrival                    25 % cancellation fees
21 – 15 days prior to arrival                    50 % cancellation fees
14 – 08 days prior to arrival                    75 % cancellation fees
07 – 01 days prior to arrival                    90 % cancellation fees
No Show                                               100 % cancellation fees

No Show Fee
Should the renter not pick up the vehicle, no show fee of 2 days, based on the daily rental charge of the vehicle reserved, will apply. These charges will be levied to the tour operator.


Waiver Options
Budget Rent a Car affords Waiver options (subject to certain conditions being met) in terms of costs of repairs, theft etc. on all makes of vehicles in our fleet and waiver options are included in the rate structure.

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) and Super Theft Loss Waiver (STLW) – included in Super Cover Rates

In the event of an accident where the vehicle is damaged or written off, the liability of the renter is limited to the liability as set out in the rates table (under "Excess Liability") irrespective of fault or cause.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Loss Waiver (TLW) - included in the Standard
Cover Rates

When accepting the CDW and TLW, the hirer is liable for the lessor excess listed on the ratesheet, according to the car group rented arising from collision damage/theft loss, provided that the renter has not breached the terms and conditions of the rental agreement

Budget Assist – Included in All rates

Budget Rent a Car appointed Budget Assist SA to facilitate emergency medical and rescue and roadside assistance services to all members who hire their vehicles at Budget.

24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through the Budget Assistance Line:

0800 115 767 (South Africa) 0027 11 991 8092 (across border)

Additional Services offered by Budget Assistance:
Road Side Assistance – Around the clock emergency breakdown and roadside assistance including – flat tyre, no fuel (10 litres will be supplied), keys locked in vehicle and flat battery.
Directions Assistance – Use your own personal GPS 24 hours a day.
Trip Monitor – Ensuring peace of mind while driving long distances.
Crisis Line – Assistance in any crisis, 24 hours a day.
Personal Health Advisor – A personalised 24-hour healthcare advisor.
Emergency Medical services – Transport to hospital in a medical emergency, day or night.


The 24-hour call center has access to a national network of motor vehicle service operators for mechanical breakdown or accidents.
South Africa 0800 115 767                                                                        
Namibia / Botswana 0027 11 991 8092

Information Related To Towing A Budget Vehicle
Towing charges are excluded from all waivers. In the event of an accident, the towing charges are for the renters account.  However, should the vehicle require towing due to a mechanical breakdown, towing costs would be incurred by Budget

Please note the renter is to contact Budget as only approved contractors may tow the vehicle. 

Accident And Emergency Procedures
Budget assist numbers are noted on the license disk on the inside of the windscreen, on the key ring and on the inside of the driver’s window.
Accident must be reported to the nearest Budget office within 24 hours.
Information pack contains an accident form, which must be completed and handed in to Budget.
Renter needs to take the details of any parties involved such as Id /passport and registration details
The accident must be reported to the nearest police station within 24 hours

Included in the super waivers and there is no liability applicable in the event of theft provided there is no breach of the rental conditions.

Water and Undercarriage Damage
Water and undercarriage damage is not included in any of the rates. The renter is responsible and liable for full repair / replacement costs thereof.

Sandblasting Damage
Sandblasting damage is not included in any of the rates. The renter is responsible and liable for full repair / replacement costs thereof.

Any damage caused to the vehicle by pot holes, dust storms, gravel and or sand is excluded from all liability waivers and the renter shall be fully liable for any such damage caused to the vehicle

Tyre & Windscreen Insurance  (Combined Products)
Tyre and Windscreen waivers are included in super cover for South Africa and available to purchase in Namibia and Botswana.  When waivers are accepted, the following will be covered:
Tyre Waiver:  Tyres and Rims – NO Hubcaps                

If this waiver is declined and any tyres or rims are damaged, the customer will be liable for the full replacement costs.   The customer is to contact Budget who will arrange to replace the tyre. No repaired tyres will be accepted. 

Windscreen Waiver:  All Glass
If this waiver is declined and any of the glass is damaged it will be replaced by Budget and will be charged to clients credit card. 

Any Liability Waivers Will Be Considered Null And Void If:
Negligent, malicious or criminal actions of renter / passenger as detailed in rental agreement
When the renter or co renter as stated does not drive the vehicle on rental agreement
Driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance
Tampering with odometer
Failure to report an accident to Budget personnel within 24 hours
Crossing the border without acquiring a letter of authorization from Budget
Breach of the conditions of the rental agreement


Delivery And Collection
This charge applies to deliveries/collections within 25km of the rental office. Delivery and collections outside city limits (>25km) will be charged at the applicable fee plus a per kilometer fee

Office hours: Monday to Friday 08h00 to 17h00. 
After hours: Outside of the times set for working hours, weekends and public holidays.


A one way fee is charged when a customer collects the vehicle from one Budget location and returns the vehicle to a Budget location in excess of 150km from the rental location. 

Cross Border Rentals
Any renter wishing to cross borders from South Africa, Namibia, or Botswana must be in possession of a letter of authorisation from Budget, obtainable from the rental agent at the time of rental. The cross border fee is applicable for rentals between South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho. 

Please note that there are extra charges at certain border posts which are not included in the cross border fees.  These fees are for the renters account.

No cross border rentals are allowed to Angola; Malawi; ***  Mozambique; Zimbabwe; Zambia.


*** Cross Border Into ZAMBIA  -  Limited to Livingstone

Subject to the discretion of Budget and only allowed on quotation by the designated sales account manager.  Budget vehicles are not insured whilst in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia and the client is liable for all costs incurred whilst travelling in these countries. 

A rental deposit of R40 000 will be held on the credit card and a Credit Card Authorisation Notice needs to be completed by the client and MUST be attached to the Rental Agreement.  The deposit is non-refundable in the event of accident and the client is responsible for full replacement costs if the vehicle is stolen or damaged in excess of the deposit.

*** Only Groups, M,B and C allowed to cross into the above countries

One Way Drop-Off Charges
One way cross border drop off charges applies when vehicle is rented at a Budget location in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana and is dropped off in any of the neighbouring countries.

NOTE:   The Cross border Authorisation letter is not included 


Car Seats for Children  
Baby seats are available for children aged 0-2 years.  Booster Seats for children aged 2 – 5 years. A charge per rental applies and the baby seat must be reserved in advance.

Trailers can be rented in South Africa at a daily charge and must be returned to the Budget location where the trailer was rented.  No one way rentals are allowed.

Jerry cans can be reserved at a daily charge and is available in Namibia and Botswana.  Maximum of 3 cans per vehicle.  A refundable deposit per can will be taken.

2nd Spare tyre – SOUTH AFRICA
Please note that no 2nd spare tyres are available for rentals in South Africa.
2nd Spare tyre – NAMIBIA and BOTSWANA
Second spare tyres can be requested at time of reservation and are subject to availability and a daily charge for car group K, N, S and L.


Traffic Fine Handling Fee 
There is a traffic fine administration fee applicable in the event that the renter receives a traffic fine whilst renting the Budget vehicle. This fee will be levied to cover the cost of redirecting the fine to the renter.

Claim Administration Handling Fee
As the liability amount on the waivers only contributes towards the repair costs of the vehicle, an administration fee per incident will be levied to cover the costs of processing the claim. This includes items such as assessor fees, quote gathering and legal services.

Assessor’s Fee
This will be charged over and above the Claim Admin Fee and will apply when damage to the rental vehicle is over R5000; N$5000; P5000.  Evaluation has a cost element, but provides assurance to the customer that the damage costing is legitimate and not inflated.

Lost / Stolen keys   
Lost or stolen keys are not covered by our waivers.  The client will be charged a call out fee to vehicle location as well as the full replacement cost of the keys and changing of locks.  Should the situation arise, please contact the closest Budget branch to confirm the estimated cost to where the vehicle is located.  Should the vehicle require towing to relocate to a Budget branch the customer will be charged the towing fees.

In the event of a vehicle being returned excessively dirty, the vehicle will go through a valet process and a minimum charge will be billed directly to the client’s credit card.

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