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Namib Sand & Dune - Guided Self-Drive


Visit the Rostock Ritz, Homeb to Walvis Bay
3 days & 2 night
4 passengers
24.07.2009 – 26.07.2009; 20.08.2009 – 22.08.2009 and 10.09.2009 – 12.09.2009
Day 01
Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge
The group meets at Rostock Ritz for the pre-tour briefing and a wonderful evening of relaxation, and dining.
Day 02
Namib Desert Concession
Full Board
Depart the luxuries of Rostock Ritz and 20 minutes later enter trackless expanse of the Namib. Your attention is diverted from the colourful scenery by the first vehicle getting stuck in the treacherous sands. Letting air out of your tires, as per the guide's instructions during pre-tour departure discourse, now makes sense. Further along, complete concentration is replaced by the first flutterings of fear as the dunes get higher and steeper. Fear is replaced by determination and then pride as the next dune is conquered. Somewhere in this most unspoiled of areas the guide vehicle will stop for lunch. Springbuck, Ostrich and Oryx dot the landscape. The Kuiseb Canyon opens up before the convoy, hundreds of meters below, where one can see the greenery of the river, and across the chasm, the lunar landscape of the rocky Namib. The drive continues along the canyon edge to a crossing at the Kuiseb River. A few miles beyond and camp will be set up near Homeb is set up. Enjoy dinner and story-telling around the campfire.
Day 03
Wake up to the smell of coffee and campfire. It wasn’t just a dream…you did conquer a part of the mighty Namib! Check the vehicles and depart. The landscape is yet again different; the moon-landscape gives way to the sensitive gravel plains. Ox-wagon tracks from a hundred years ago may still be seen imprinted on the gypsum rich plains. Pass the occasional Toppenaar settlement, where people try to eke out an existence in this barren area…but this is their preference…reflecting over the past day and a half, it suddenly dawns on you…this is the real life! All too quickly Walvis Bay is approaches and you realize there is still so much to see and experience.
Optional Professional driver, supplied by Abenteuer per vehicle.
1 Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge Dinner  
2 Namib Desert Concession Full Board Namib Desert; Kuiseb Canyon
3 Departure Breakfast Homeb

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